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Three leading markets: four key issues

When your business is expanding internationally, be prepared for accounting and tax rules that can be quite unlike what you’re used to.
We take a closer look at Brazil, the UK and China, three of the world’s most desirable markets, but each posing a unique set of business challenges.


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Didn’t know you had to apply for a tax card in Qatar within 30 days of incorporation?
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TMF Group’s 6000+ experts have a wealth of knowledge unrivalled by any other business services provider. Not only are they based in-country, they are true locals who understand the nuances of each market, taking care of details that companies may otherwise overlook, which allows the local teams to focus on their core activities. Find out more ›

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Is de-registration always preferred for winding up a Hong Kong limited company? Thursday 11 August

Join our expert from TMF Hong Kong in this 45-minute webinar to understand if de-registration is always a preferred option for winding up a Hong Kong private limited company.

Expanding the reach: The rise of the Latin American CFO

Join us at any of our breakfast briefings in either Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Medellín, Lima, or Santiago to learn about the role of the CFO in the international expansion process across Latin America. These sessions will be conducted in Spanish and Portuguese.

Challenges of managing global expenses and the effect on VAT recovery OnDemand

Corporate expenses form a significant part of the financial budget and impact bottom line figures. Join this webinar to learn more about the challenges of managing corporate expenses for companies operating in multiple jurisdictions.

Bloomberg BNA Webinar: OnDemand

Listen to this 60-minute program to hear firsthand some of the typical accounting challenges businesses face as they undertake multinational expansion. Our experienced panelists share examples from various countries including the UK, China, and Brazil, and explain how your company can operate in full conformity and with utmost effectiveness.

We offer one point of contact and a dedicated relationship manager in your home country, enabling not only peace of mind in regards to the company’s compliance, but complete visibility to the day-to-day accountancy work, and the flexibility to adapt to your company’s needs. Find out more ›


How to close the VAT gap: An analysis of the approaches by EU Member States

VAT gap is the difference between the amount of VAT actually collected and the VAT Total Tax Liability (VTTL). In other words, it is the difference between what could be, and what is actually collected from VAT by countries. This briefing paper examines the approaches by EU Member States to decrease their VAT gap, and how

TMF InternationalXpense

TMF InternationalXpense is an expense management software solution that utilizes TMF Group’s global experience to create a standard template that can be tailored to a company’s needs. We offer a managed service and reporting capability that gives you visibility of all expense costs, allowing you to enforce your expense policy, control spend & manage suppliers.

Three leading markets: Four key issues (Chinese version)

如果您的企业正在进行国际市场扩张,那么,您需 要为会计和税务规则做好充分准备,因为它们可能 与您习以为常的那些截然不同。下面,我们将详细 了解巴西、英国和中国的相关情况。

Three leading markets: four key issues

When your business is expanding internationally, be prepared for accounting and tax rules that can be quite unlike what you’re used to. We take a closer look at Brazil, the UK and China,three of the world’s most desirable markets. Download the full briefing paper.

Accounting and Tax Services

When you operate in multiple jurisdictions, ever changing local rules and regulations can put your companies at an even greater risk of noncompliance and increased liability. Find out more about TMF Group’s global accounting and tax services and how we can help you stay compliant across the world.


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